Sustainable and cost-effective remediation of a co-mingled plume in a sensitive chalk aquifer

A 48 hectare site in the UK was to be redeveloped for mixed commercial and residential use. The existing site included a mix of historic and existing industrial land use, including a metal plating works, surrounded by agricultural land and residential housing. The Mott MacDonald engaged early with REGENESIS regarding potential options for remediation.  

Case Study Highlights:

  • A large-scale remediation project with challenging conditions: geology, underground services, ongoing site use and multiple stakeholders
  • Treatment of a co-mingled chromium (VI) and TCE plume via enhanced biological dechlorination and chemical reduction, using: S-MicroZVI,
    3-D Microemulsion
    and BDI Plus
  • Pilot study proves appropriateness of the proposed in situ remedial solution, allowing regulatory sign off for the full scale works.
  • Post remediation monitoring results to date show significant chromium reduction and TCE below detection limits