Significant hydrocarbon contamination was discovered during the redevelopment of a motorway service station adjacent to an existing petrol fuelling station in Lazio, Central Italy. The source of the contamination was identified to be leaking underground storage tanks (UST). The USTs were removed and grossly contaminated soil excavated, however, dissolved phase contamination was still present within the surrounding soil.

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Over a tonne of ORC-Advanced® Pellets was applied to the 280 m2 excavation. Excavation was carried out to a depth of 3.5m BGL. Depth to groundwater was 3m BGL. Therefore, the excavation intercepted the groundwater for approximately 0.5m. Meaning that the ORC-Pellets were applied precisely to the source zone.

What’s Special

  • ORC-Advanced has been specifically designed to provide a controlled release source of dissolved oxygen, driving enhanced aerobic bioremediation for up to 12 months.
  • ORC-Pellets were applied directly to the contamination source and without the need for specialised equipment. Furthermore, Pellet application does not produce nuisance dust or require a source of water.
  • Immediately following Pellet application, the excavations were infilled and construction work continued unimpeded.