At a disused petrol station, Liguria NW Italy, historic leakages from underground storage tanks (UST) resulted in significant TPH contamination of the soil and groundwater.

The bulk of the contamination was removed by excavating the leaking tanks and immediate surrounding soil. However, significant residual TPH contamination (up to 1,000 μg/L) remained within the surrounding ground, requiring further remediation.


The leaking tanks had been removed and surrounding soil excavated leaving a 5 m x 15 m pit to a depth of 3 m BGL. RegenOx® Part A (oxidizer), RegenOx Part B (catalyst) and ORC-Advanced® were mixed into a single slurry and applied to the pit in a single event.

What’s Special?

  • RegenOx destroys contamination upon contact rapidly reducing contaminant concentrations.
  • ORC-Advanced will drive enhanced aerobic bioremediation for periods of up to 12 months, treating the remaining low contaminant concentrations.
  • Once the slurry is applied, the two technologies will work uninterrupted, allowing the pit to be backfilled and redevelopment to commence immediately.
  • Monitoring is ongoing. Immediately after application a good desorption effect of TPH has been observed in the water inside the pit due to RegenOx, which is expected to be oxidised and degraded by the two compounds.