In Belgium, the former Ubell metal-working factory, which had stood abandoned since the 1990’s, was chosen by Spaque to be redevelopment for commercial use. Significant amounts of chlorinated solvents had been observed in the groundwater, both widespread and with high concentrations in the source area. Reductive dechlorination was seen to be occurring naturally, but was stalling at cis-1,2 DCE  due to a carbon-limited system. REGENESIS designed a remediation approach that would use a slow release electron donor to enhance and maintain full and effective reductive dechlorination (Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination (ERD)) of the target contamination.

Case study highlights:

  • How a single application of 3DME resulted in the full reductive dechlorination of a large plume of chlorinated solvents
  • How this simple and inexpensive treatment allowed the redevelopment of a highly impacted brownfield site, while allowing construction and economic use to go ahead unimpeded by the remediation occurred beneath the ground

Applied product:

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