Augmented Pump and Treat, ISCO and ENA completed under rail lines

Shortlisted as one of the best Environmental & Sustainability projects in the UK Rail Awards 2018, this site is located in the south of England at a train care depot, where trains have been stored, repaired, cleaned and refuelled for over 20 years.

For more information on the technologies used in this video, please click on the following links: PetroCleanze, RegenOx, ORC-Advanced

Video Transcription

At a train care depot in the south of England, where trains get cleaned, serviced and refuelled, contamination was discovered in the soils and groundwater under the Fuel Filling Point.

An investigation was carried out and it was found that diesel fuel had been spilled and leaked into the ground over a number of years. This resulted in free floating fuel on top of the groundwater with a plume of dissolved contamination stretching across the site. This plume had spread to the edge of the site, adjacent to residential properties, where it was deemed to pose a risk to the environment.