In this webinar – the third in a series of presentations on the technology – Dr. Jeremy Birnstingl focuses on PlumeStop’s performance in the field*.

L’edizione italiana di questo webinar è ora disponibile!

L’edizione italiana di questo webinar è stata presentata da Marcello Carboni e Paola Goria il 1° dicembre. Clicca qui sotto per accedere alla registrazione in lingua italiana.

La presentazione è disponibile anche in format PDF. Scarica qui.

PlumeStop is an innovative in situ groundwater remediation technology which was launched in 2014. Since then, It has been applied on more than 80 sites worldwide, including USA, Canada, Belgium, Italy, UK and Sweden.

This presentation is available in English and Italian and covers:

  • Performance analysis of technology usage to date, reviewing aggregate data from a range of sites across the United States and Europe 
  • Lessons learned from PlumeStop applications in multiple geological settings, including the importance of accurately targeting contaminant flux zones 
  • Laboratory analysis of PlumeStop’s capacity to capture perfluorinated compounds, PFOA/PFOS 
  • Frequently Asked Questions, and the opportunity for the audience to ask Dr. Birnstingl questions 

* If you are new to the technology, we recommend watching one of our previous PlumeStop webinar recordings first, as these give a full introduction with more R&D and technical detail.

Recording Now Available