About the Webinar

This webinar explains how Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination using REGENESIS’ HRC product range was used to successfully remediate Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (DNAPL) and dissolved phase contamination in clays and send lenses to a depth of 10m BGL, under an active industrial dry cleaning facility contaminated with tetrachloroethene (PCE).

Prior to treatment, the contamination showed little sign of natural biological attenuation and a costly and disruptive excavation strategy was being considered. Hyder showed that remedial objectives could be achieved by a targeted in situ remedial approach. From a single HRC injection by REGENESIS, very low dissolved phase targets were met, gaining regulatory ‘closure’ and client satisfaction – at a fraction of the cost of excavation and without disturbing site activities.

This project has subsequently been the winner of two remediation awards in the Brownfield Briefing Awards 2013:

  • Award for Best In Situ Remedial Project  –  Judges’ comment: “This project was an excellent example of how existing technology can be thoughtfully applied”
  • Award for Best Project Closure/Verification Process  –  Judges’ comment: “This highly technical groundwater remediation project impressed the judges. It demonstrated a range of techniques that were used to gather high quality data to monitor the progress and the success of the project.”

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