Language: English
Presenters: Emma McAnaw (Golder Associates) & Jack Shore (REGENESIS)

Our webinar guest speaker series continues with Emma McAnaw, Senior Hydrogeologist at Golder. In this presentation, the first UK pilot trial of PlumeStop in fractured bedrock is discussed. The application of PlumeStop was used to address groundwater impacted with chlorinated solvents. Emma is joined by Jack Shore, District Manager UK and Scandinavia at REGENESIS. The complex conceptual site model and proposed remediation strategy are outlined, which comprises the injection of colloidal activated carbon, bioaugmentation, and the injection of an appropriate soluble electron donor. The results from these works are then presented, and the lessons learned from the application discussed.
The presentation intends to share the experience of the successful investigation, remediation and verification of sites impacted with co-mingled plumes in fracture formations and is of interest to contaminated land practitioners, regulators and liability holders.


About the presenters:

Emma McAnaw
Senior Hydrogeologist | Golder Associates (UK) Ltd

Emma McAnaw is a Senior Hydrogeologist and Project Manager with over 12 years’ experience in groundwater risk assessment and contaminated land characterisation and remediation. Emma has specialist experience in various aspects of hydrogeology and site characterisation and remediation, including: complex contaminated land site investigation and remediation design, management, and verification; risk assessment (controlled waters and human health), and groundwater abstraction feasibility through to licensing.  Emma works across several market sectors within Golder including manufacturing, power, mining, and waste.

Jack Shore
District Manager, UK & Scandinavia | REGENESIS

Jack is in charge of the UK and Scandinavian districts within REGENESIS. As part of this role, he manages a team providing technical support and design work to a mix of Design and Build Consultancies, Remediation Contractors and Blue-Chip Clients. Jack has over 10 years of experience within the remediation industry and most recently has successfully implemented the first injection of PlumeStop to effectively stabilise a PFAS plume in the EU. His experience ranges from supervising site investigations, developing in situ remediation designs, and managing large-scale remediation projects with multiple stakeholders.


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