In this live US webinar, we are pleased to have guest speakers Jack Sheldon, Senior Remediation Specialist at Antea Group, and Caron Koll, PG, LSP, and PFAS Lead at Antea Group. Their presentation discusses best practices from their experience working with PFAS contaminants in groundwater. Through more than a decade of developing sampling programs and interpreting PFAS analytical data, many lessons have been learned and this webinar focuses on a few of those lessons.

Highlights of this free webinar:

  • How to create a custom sampling program, demonstrated by a case study of an environmental site
  • A method you can use to sort the chaos out of your data
  • How to determine whether a product contains PFAS by looking at a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


About the presenters:

Jack Sheldon
Senior Remediation Specialist | Antea® Group
Jack Sheldon is a remediation expert with over 35 years of industry experience. He has specialized in the field application of various types of bioremediation and chemical oxidation/reduction systems, with personal involvement in 22 first-type remediation projects in their respective states. He has completed remediation projects in all 50 states and several locations abroad. Mr. Sheldon has worked extensively in the field to determine chemical type and extent, prepared various environmental reports, and successfully managed numerous environmental projects and technology programs. His primary expertise has been in the identification and selection of remediation technologies for projects and the monitoring of those technologies. Through this process, Mr. Sheldon has designed, implemented, and supervised hundreds of treatability and pilot studies comparing technologies and determining their feasibility under simulated or actual site conditions.

Caron Koll, PG, LSP
PFAS Lead | Antea® Group
Over the span of 34 years, Caron Koll has developed focused environmental response actions and managed hundreds of environmental investigations and remedial projects in the Northeast and Midwest United States and South America. During that period, Caron met or exceeded client expectations to develop an enviable reputation within the industry. Caron attributes her success to understanding client needs, an in-depth knowledge of applicable environmental laws and regulations, and an aptitude for identifying creative and cost saving solutions. Caron has experience serving a wide spectrum of industrial clients including: chemical manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, automotive, transportation, and general manufacturing. Contingent on client needs and regulatory drivers, she is an account leader and manages, directs, and oversees the development and implementation of environmental remedial investigations including conceptual site models, feasibility studies, permitting, remedy design, remedy implementation, and remedy operations through to post closure. With a focus on client’s needs and expectations, Caron has been responsible for advising clients of appropriate and compliant response actions and the path forward to achieve client end state goals. Foremost, as a project and account manager, Caron is responsible for collaborating with clients on forecasting future needs based on global business economic dynamics and relevant regulatory mandates. She is responsible for managing, overseeing, directing, and mentoring, as well as contracting and managing/controlling budgets.


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