In this webinar we were pleased to have as a special guest speaker Grant Carey, Ph.D., President of Porewater Solutions. His presentation discussed PlumeStop longevity for in-situ PFAS plume treatment. He was joined by Ryan Moore, PFAS Program Manager at REGENESIS, who discussed in-situ treatment of PFAS using colloidal activated carbon to eliminate PFAS risk at a low cost.

Highlights of this free webinar:

  • Modeling the performance results of PFAS-impacted groundwater sites treated with colloidal activated carbon, including model runs to evaluate longevity sensitivity at AFFF sites
  • How some of the design parameters may be engineered to improve longevity
  • Several new research projects with the University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, and Carleton University to update the ISR-MT3DMS model functionality to improve our ability to model PlumeStop longevity for PFAS

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