First broadcast: 3rd December 2019
Speaker: Jack Shore, District Manager, UK & Scandinavia, REGENESIS

In this live webinar Jack Shore discusses the theory and practical use of micron-scale liquid activated carbon to remediate contamination from oil spills, leaks and historic plumes.

PetroFix™ is a water-based suspension of 1-2µm activated carbon and biostimulating electron acceptors. The treatment combines in situ sorption with syntrophic biological degradation. This allows for high levels of petroleum hydrocarbons to be targeted, providing immediate treatment and long-lasting remediation results. This webinar covers:

  • Detailed explanation of the remediation process
    -Rapid sorption of the petroleum hydrocarbons
    -Enhanced anaerobic oxidation
  • Practical application scenarios
    -Direct push injection
    -Injection through wells
    -Excavation application
    -Preventative approaches
  • Discussion of multiple case studies
  • Lessons learned from field experience

This webinar is of interest to contaminated land practitioners and spill response professionals.

About the presenter:

Jack Shore
District Manager, UK & Scandinavia, REGENESIS
Jack is in charge of the UK and Scandinavian business district within REGENESIS. As part of this role, he manages a team providing technical support and design work to a mix of Design and Build Consultancies, Remediation Contractors and Blue-Chip Clients. Jack has over 10 years of experience within the remediation industry and most recently has successfully implemented the first injection of PlumeStop to effectively stabilise a PFAS plume in the EU. His experience ranges from supervising site investigations, developing in situ remediation designs, and managing large-scale remediation projects with multiple stakeholders.

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