First broadcast: 12 March, 2019

Speakers: Gareth Leonard, Managing Director Europe

This webinar introduces two brand new REGENESIS Technologies: Sulfidated micro-scale colloidal zero valent iron and dual function activated carbon technology for treating petroleum hydrocarbons. Both technologies are capable of dealing with high levels of groundwater contamination. We will focus firstly on S-MicroZVI™ − our new and innovative In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR) reagent that combines:

  • colloidal ZVI (cZVI) particles for highly dispersibility
  • sulfidated particle coating to increase activation and enhance longevity
  • glycerol suspension to reduce passivation and provide ISCR-enhanced bioremediation

This exciting new development in zero valent iron treatment is especially effective for promoting the rapid biological degradation of chlorinated hydrocarbons, pesticides, haloalkanes, energetics and other toxic volatile organic compounds (CVOCs).

After which we introduce PetroFix, a specially formulated activated carbon and electron acceptor amendment. PetroFix is designed to target petroleum hydrocarbon plumes and spills. Petrofix rapidly reduces the risk posed by residual contaminants by adsorbing petroleum hydrocarbons and stimulating their natural attenuation through syntrophic biological degradation. Applied by injection or directly into excavations, Petrofix can be used:

  • as part of an active remedial strategy
  • during an oil spill response to prevent the development of a plume or odours
  • as a preventative measure within tank and pipe bedding – to mitigate against future leaks and spills
  • on legacy sites, where active remedial systems cannot be operated

This webinar is useful to regulators, environmental consultants and remediation contractors and who are interested in increasing their remedial options for cost effective treatment of sites impacted with chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons.


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