Webinar Series: New treatment options for petroleum hydrocarbon impacted sites

In this webinar series, Jack Shore explains innovative and developing ways in which PetroFix® is being used on a wide range of sites. Since its release in 2018, PetroFix has provided environmental consultants and contractors with rapid and long-term remediation on more than 400 contaminated sites worldwide.

1. Sub-surface oil spill response using PetroFix

An introduction to the science, application and examples of sites where oil spill response companies are using PetroFix, as part of their oil spill response approach. 25 min + Q&A

This webinar covers:

  • The treatment mechanisms underpinning PetroFix
  • Practical application tips and mixing
  • Where PetroFix can fit as part of an oil spill response programme
  • Limitations of use
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2. In Situ Permeable Reactive Barriers using PetroFix: A quick, simple and safe solution

To date, over 1 km of in-situ permeable reactive barriers (I-PRB’s) have been installed across Europe using PetroFix. Jack Shore discusses why construction companies are keen on replacing complex cut-off walls with this simple approach. 25 min + Q&A

  • How PetroFix I-PRBs reduce risk and off-site liability
  • Site characterisation requirements for effective installation
  • Injection and installation approaches and on-site examples
  • Cost and programme savings of I-PRBs
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3. Pre-treatment of tank and pipe bedding with PetroFix to prevent future impact

PetroFix is now being used to pre-coat aggregate used in utility corridors and around Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) to reduce the impact of future losses, minimise mobilisation and/or suppress the formation of vapours. 25 min + Q&A

  • Practical application examples (petrol filling stations, pipelines, industrial sites)
  • Treatment mechanisms of PetroFix
  • Examples of UST pre-treatment and service corridor treatment to prevent re-contamination
  • Limitations of use
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About the presenter:

Jack Shore
Senior District Manager | REGENESIS

Jack is the Colloidal Carbon Technologies Lead for REGENESIS in Europe, as well as in charge of the UK and Scandinavian districts within the company. As part of these roles, he manages a team providing technical support and design work to a mix of Design and Build Consultancies, Remediation Contractors and Blue-Chip Clients. Jack has over 12 years of experience within the remediation industry and most recently has successfully implemented the first injection of PlumeStop to effectively stabilise a PFAS plume in the EU. His experience ranges from supervising site investigations, developing in situ remediation designs, and managing large-scale remediation projects with multiple stakeholders.