A former gasworks site undergoing redevelopment was found to be contaminated with TPH, PAH and BTEX in the shallow formations. In order to prevent any off-site migration of the contaminants and potential liability, an in situ barrier has been installed along the property boundaries. The barrier consists of PlumeStop® Liquid Activated Carbon, which provides enhanced and sustained treatment of the contaminants through sorption and bioremediation.


The PlumeStop application has been performed via 76 fixed injection locations. The well installation and injection activities were performed by REGENESIS Remediation Services. The injections took 3 months and have been carried out at the same time as other onsite activities including demolition and construction of new buildings.
Careful scheduling and minimisation of working equipment has allowed for the works to proceed without interruption, also avoiding any interference with the other ongoing activities on site.

What’s Special?

  • Due to PlumeStop’s ability to continuously bioregenerate its sorption sites, the barrier will prevent the offsite migration of any onsite residual contamination for many years/decades.
  • As the PlumeStop is active for so long, the treatment cost is very low, when compared to active hydraulic containment systems.
  • As PlumeStop can be injected by Direct Push or via wells, the application can be easily worked into onsite redevelopment programmes.