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If you had, for example, 600,000 ppb of TCE, you probably have a DNAPL plume. Wouldn’t cleaning up the groundwater just be temporary?


It could be if you do a one-time injection event depending on the size of the DNAPL area, the mass of TCE it contains, how long ago the release occurred along with the groundwater velocity in that saturated unit. So there are a lot of factors. If vapor intrusion was not an issue, a source area remediation event to shrink the groundwater plume can be maintained long-term for very low cost by systematically applying 3D Microemulsion over time to establish a cutoff wall via re-injectable wells. This will effectively treat the TCE plume, including daughter products, with a properly designed enhanced reductive dechlorination (ERD) approach. Reapplication of 3D Microemulsion would likely be required every 3 to 4 years to maintain optimal ERD performance. Bioaugmentation with BDI Plus might also be part of that initial application, but only if deemed necessary.