Benefit from years of remediation product knowledge and application experience

As a recognized in situ remediation leader and veteran, REGENESIS has the necessary experience and expertise to streamline the in situ remediation process. We have worked on thousands of remediation projects around the world and know how to handle almost any type of contamination and subsurface condition. Why not leverage our experience and mistakes, yes we said it mistakes, to your benefit.

By choosing REGENESIS Remediation Services (RRS), your remediation plan will benefit from:

  • 100+ years of collective industry experience of RRS team of engineers, geologists and hydrologists
  • Leading contaminated site treatment experience from 20,000+ applications worldwide
  • Manufacturer-direct expertise specific to the strengths and limitations of our remediation products
  • Integrated remediation solutions approach guarantees most time- and cost-efficient results
  • Ability to combine or integrate technologies to accommodate your remediation challenges
  • A detailed review of your site and its specific contaminants and conditions
  • Remediation plan flexibility to address unexpected aquifer or contamination conditions on-site
  • Local environmental regulation advice and permitting assistance
  • The use of proven and proper reagent application and dosing equipment
  • Direct management of local drilling contractors
  • A single, professional contact throughout all stages of the remediation project

Next Steps

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