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Petroleum Hydrocarbons

Scott AFB

This is a case study of a large military base where lingering petroleum hydrocarbons in the groundwater were remediated to non-detect.

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Learn at your own pace. We have made a selection of popular and recent training material available by contaminant type. All content is free to access.

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ned witte webinar

From legacy contaminants to accidental spills and leaks, find out more about our solutions for active industrial and manufacturing sites.

REGENESIS products typically provide the following benefits:

Food grade, environmentally safe and easy to handle materials.

Patented controlled-release technology (CRT)™ provides maximum product longevity and optimized oxygen and hydrogen release profiles.

Total Lower Cost to Remediate than MNA and operations and maintenance-intensive engineered mechanical systems with a smaller carbon footprint.

In Situ or in-place treatment eliminates any requirements for permanent on-site equipment, piping, tanks, etc.

Enhanced biodegradation rates typically 10 to 100 times faster than intrinsically slow, naturally occurring rates.

Greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness than high volume, rapidly consumed or wasted commodity products.

Experience and a proven track record of success with hundreds of published papers and product applications on over 28,000 sites worldwide.

Professional and highly experienced technical services, application design and cost estimate free of charge.

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