On-Site Remediation Services

Whether applying PlumeStop, SourceStop, ORC Advanced, 3DME or PersulfOx, we ensure critical field activities are completed in a safe and timely manner and exactly as designed in order to provide successful remediation each time.

Services offered

We regularly manage remedial activities on operational sites, minimising disruption and allowing business to proceed as normal. Our technologies and the application techniques are designed to integrate with other remediation approaches and are compatible with building materials and services. Our experienced engineers are available to manage all aspects of the project and site work required to complete the injection of our in situ remediation technologies into the subsurface.

Our services can be tailored to your needs. We cover the full spectrum of requirements: from feasibility review, through remedial design and field application, to data interpretation and completion reporting:

  • Design services & technical support
  • Product application and project management
  • Subcontract groundwater treatment
  • Performance-based contracting
  • Pilot study and review
  • Collaborative approach
  • Integration with other remedial technologies and site activities

Following a detailed consultation, we will provide not only a suggested technology but also a remediation method statement tailored to your site specific needs. This enables us to provide you with a solution that will achieve the remediation goals and close out the site in line with your project program.

What you can expect

  • Unparalleled knowledge of our in situ remediation technologies, how they work and how to use them in the most effective and efficient manner;
  • Continuity in support, knowledge and understanding of your project from conception to completion;
  • Surety that the works will be completed correctly and exactly as designed (we have a vested interest in the success of all projects using our technologies and utilising Regenesis is a way to provide that surety);
  • Project and site management personnel who are highly experienced in operating remediation projects;
  • Our experienced site operatives will respond to changing site conditions without compromising the effectiveness of the treatment;
  • A single point of contact for site, technical and HS&E issues;
  • The use of specialised equipment and best practice to ensure accurate application.

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Why clients choose to work with us

1 – To outsource highly critical fieldwork project components

Drawing on 25 years of experience, Regenesis technologies have been used on more than 28,000 sites worldwide. From this, we have gained unsurpassed experience and knowledge – which is key to successful execution of on-site product application work.

2 – To minimise risk: to ensure the field application matches the design

We are committed to the success of all projects using REGENESIS technologies. Employing us to complete the application works allows for confidence that the treatment will be completed correctly and exactly as designed.

3 – To receive comprehensive and ongoing project support

Fully qualified and experienced technical personnel are available to support our clients from project conception to closure. Services available cover the full spectrum of requirements: from feasibility review, through remedial design and field application, to data interpretation and completion reporting.

4 – To ensure state-of-the-art equipment for installation

We operate application equipment specifically designed for REGENESIS technologies. We hold an Environmental Permit (Mobile Treatment Licence) which can be deployed as necessary.

Surety of Result

We are committed to the success of our technologies for your project. No one has a more vested interest in the effectiveness of our products than us. So who better to ensure the correct application, as per our specification, than a REGENESIS Engineer?


Project Examples

1,2 DCA treatment under large industrial facility – United Kingdom

Full remediation services to protect off site controlled waters from 1,2 Dichloroethane contaminated groundwater with concentrations up to 8,000 μg/L. A pump test, tracer test and application pilot test were carried out prior to implementation of a full-scale strategy with RegenOx and ORC Advanced. Read the case study

PCE treatment at active dry cleaning facility – United Kingdom

Large scale application of HRC Primer, HRC, HRC-X and 3-D Microemulsion to treat an historic PCE Spill – a voluntary cleanup by Johnsons Apparelmaster – involving drilling indoors in an operational part of their facility. Double award-winning project. Read the case study

Enhancing P&T system at public building – United Kingdom

Application of PetroCleanze to enhance the performance of an existing P&T system at a limited-access site. Read the project sheet

CHC plume treatment at fine chemical factory – Italy

Direct push injections into gravel to treat a chlorinated solvent plume at an active chemical factory in Italy.

Metals treatment at active manufacturing plant – Italy

Remediation of a CrVI plume beneath an active manufacturing plant located in the north of Italy, which included indoor drilling and injection of MRC and 3-D Microemulsion. Read the case study

Chlorinated solvent treatment at active industrial facility – France

Pilot and full-scale application on a site in France characterised by high seepage velocity (300 m/year), an extensive treatment area (20,000 m) and the presence of sensitive human and ecological receptors. Read the case study

Next Steps

  • If you would like to discuss your services needs, please contact Mat Wilson, Technical & Engineering Manager, Europe on +44 (0)1225 61 81 61 or email europe@regenesis.com
  • For more project examples, please explore the side bar content or explore more or our case studies
  • Find out what our clients are saying on our testimonials page