Range of Treatable Contaminants

Explore the wide range of contaminants that are treatable with REGENESIS’ patented remediation technologies. Please contact us if you are not sure or would like more information.

Treatment Applicability

Click the link below for a quick overview on the treatment applicability of in situ technologies, based on geology and contaminant concentrations encountered in the field.

Contaminant Glossary

For more information about specific contaminant groups or the nature of a particular contaminant, please check out our Contaminant Glossary section.

Please Note

Results will depend on specific site conditions, please discuss your site with a REGENESIS Technical Manager. The information provided is for guidance only. It is recommended that a treatability study be performed to verify applicability to your specific contaminant and site conditions. REGENESIS makes no warranty or representation, expressed or inferred, and nothing herein should be construed as to guaranteeing actual results in field use, or permission or recommendation to infringe any patent.