REGENESIS regularly takes part in technical remediation conferences across Europe, collaborating, connecting and sharing knowledge with industry colleagues, peers and clients.

Remediation Conference Participation

REGENESIS actively participate in key global industry events such as Battelle in the US and European remediation conferences and membership groups such as: AquaConSoil, CL:AIRE, Remtech, NICOLE and Nordrocs. The same applies to national conferences, examples here include: ENSOR, Intersol, Forum Sols, Renare Mark, REMEDy, ITVA Altlasten Symposium etc.

Our involvement varies from giving platform presentations, membership and exhibiting, to providing session chairs, training sessions, live demonstrations, poster sessions and sponsorship. If you’re attending an upcoming remediation conference, whether it is live or online, and would like to know if any of our team are taking part, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Associations and Forums

From networks such as SuRF, Royal Geological Society’s Contaminated Land Forum, Miljøringen, SiCon and CIWEM, to local fora such as SCLF, MUKTU, YCLF and ELQF, we find that regularly connecting with these national and local groups is just as important for professional exchange and continued learning as larger conferences.

If you are part of an organising committee for an event or article and are looking for speakers or contributors, please get in touch as we are always open to new events and collaborations.


Scientific article contributions and publications

From break-throughs in Research and Development, to best practice knowledge sharing via conference proceedings, REGENESIS staff have published and made many contributions to scientific magazines and peer-reviewed academic publications over the years, for example:


Award Wins

Several remediation projects using our technologies have won awards over the years. Of course, teamwork is a key factor in remediation success and we therefore enjoy sharing in these successes with our project partners, colleagues and clients! Examples include:


Remediation Webinars and Training Portal

At REGENESIS we also organise our own events and training sessions: from webinars with guest speakers to in-house/virtual office presentations, we try to provide content and present in the local language where possible and on topics to suit different client needs. Explore our webinar content to find out more.

Our training portal is another way to explore content and learn at your own pace. Here you will find selected presentations, webinars, animations and short videos, organised by contaminant group, so it is easy to find out more about specific in situ remediation solutions and combined approaches for soil and groundwater.