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The world’s first solid micron-scale
electron donor for
chlorinated solvent remediation

AquiFix™ is a ground-breaking colloidal, injectable remediation substrate used to enhance in situ anaerobic biodegradation. Formed of micron-scale particles, AquiFix offers rapid application onsite and unsurpassed treatment longevity.

What is it?

AquiFix is a colloidal suspension composed of fine, solid-phase, plant-based particles (<0.5µm) suspended in water using polymer dispersion chemistry. AquiFix contains soluble organic donors and micronutrients to establish ideal reducing conditions.

Aquifix can be co-applied with complimentary remediation amendments, including PlumeStop® and S-MicroZVI®.

How it works

Once applied to the subsurface, AquiFix binds to the soil matrix and the soluble organic donor quickly establishes reducing conditions. The solid phase component slowly degrades to produce volatile fatty acids and molecular hydrogen that sustain long-term anaerobic bioremediation.


  • Unsurpassed treatment longevity of 10+ years
  • Engineered for rapid application
  • Minimises methane creation
  • Can be co-injected with PlumeStop and S-MicroZVI

Target Contaminants

  • Tetrachloroethylene (PCE)
  • Trichloroethene (TCE)
  • cis-1,2 Dichloroethene (DCE)
  • Vinyl chloride (VC)
  • Tetrachloroethane
  • Trichloroethane (TCA)
  • Dichloroethane (DCA)
  • Carbon tetrachloride
  • Chloroethane (For a complete listing: Range of  Treatable Contaminants)

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