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Meet the European team:

Kris Maerten

Technical Manager, Europe

Education: M.Sc. Environmental Science and Technology
Languages: Dutch, English & French
Experience: 20+ years
Sport: Triathlons…lots of triathlons

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Luke Walsh

Project Manager

Education: BSc Geology
Certificates: Site Management Safety Training Scheme, CSCS
Experience: 5+ years
Likes: Running, Piano, Guitar, Travel

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Amanda Sterkenburg

Creative Content Manager, Europe

Education: M.Sc. Physical Geography
Language: Dutch & English
Experience: 20+ years
Lesser known fact: Left-handed, right-footed

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Mat Wilson

Remediation Services Manager, Europe

Education: M.Sc. Environmental Engineering
Certificates: WAMITAB Certificate, NVQ Level 4 Construction Site Manager
Experience: 20+ years
Keeps busy: Cycling, climbing, sailing, skiing!

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Filippo Mantovani

Remediation Project Supervisor

Education: B.Sc. Earth Sciences Geology
Languages: Italian and English
Experience: 7+ years
Martial arts: Swordsmanship (Kendo & Iaido)

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Loraine Dormer

Office Manager

Language: English & German
Experience: 30+ years
Favourite film: John Wick

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Paola Goria

Technical Service Manager

Education: BSc Environmental Engineering
Language: Italian & English
Experience: 20+ years
Favourite holiday spot: The sea or mountains – anywhere there is nature!

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Ruaraidh Mackay

Remediation Services Project Engineer

Education: M.Sc. Environmental Sciences
Languages: Italian, English
 3+ years
Sport: Swimming, caving, kayaking, snowboarding

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Marcello Carboni

Regional Manager, Europe

Education: M.Sc. Environmental Engineering
Languages: Italian, Spanish, English
20+ years
Likes: Explore new places, people & cultures

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Jim Forde

Technical Manager, UK & Scandinavia

Education: M.Sc. Hydrogeology
Memberships: Fellow RGS
Experience: 15 years
Likes about this industry: Meeting and working with people on tangible problems

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Sarah Hughes

Remediation Design Engineer

Education: MSc Environmental Monitoring and Analysis
Experience: 7+ years
Enjoys: CrossFit, the sea and camping

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Rohan Parekh

Project Engineer, UK & Scandinavia

Education:  BSc Geology
Experience: 1+ year
Favourite Hobbies: Photography

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Gareth Leonard

Managing Director, Europe

Education: M.Sc. Environmental Chemistry
Memberships:CEnv IES, Fellow RGS
Experience: 20+ years
Pet: A normal-sized dog with short legs, called ‘Brie’

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Mariangela Donati

District Manager France and Mediterranean 

Education: M.Sc. Environmental Engineering
Language: Italian, French & English
Experience: 7+ years
Pet: A big-eared rescue dog named Nilla Motosega

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Mareike Amann

Senior Marketing Manager, Europe

Education: M.Sc. Marketing
Languages: German & English
Experience: 7+ years
Favourite place to visit: Lake Garda

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Jack Shore

Senior District Manager UK & Scandinavia

Education: B.Sc (Hons) Env. Geoscience 
Chartership: (CSci) IES 
Experience: 12+ years
Favourite film: One Hour Photo – even if it is a bit bleak!

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Daniel Marks

Project Engineer, UK & Scandinavia

Education: BSc Geology & Palaeontology
Experience: 1+ years
Lesser known fact:   Mark is our in-house fossil expert 

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