In situ groundwater and contaminated land remediation projects are often complex, requiring both expertise and experience, as even the best solutions will not be effective if not applied correctly.

The global REGENESIS team consists of highly experienced and qualified hydro-geologists, scientists and engineers with hands-on site experience. Our team helps consultants and contracting companies deliver the best site remediation results, using the most appropriate remedial techniques, products and application methods. We are dedicated to the success of every project using REGENESIS products and provide free technical support throughout the life of a project, from design, through application and validation to successful site closure.


Technical Credibility

Technical credibility and project success are at the very core of our company. We recognise that with each remediation project or technical design we engage, we are partnering with highly qualified and experienced environmental remediation professionals who have clients relying on them for positive and cost-effective results. We aim to perform at the highest technical and professional level with the goal of continually exceeding customer and project-specific expectations.

Our patented remediation products are supported by the highest level of scientific research and are derived from direct customer need, technical performance and cost-effectiveness. We thrive on technical challenges and problem-solving – it allows us to innovate and for our expertise to grow. Our reputation for teaming with leading E&C firms to successfully implement advanced in-situ groundwater and soil remediation technologies is without precedent in the global environmental industry.

When it comes to field implementation, no one understands our remediation products better than we do. The REGENESIS Remediation Services (RRS) Group is highly experienced in delivering the most effective remediation solutions available today. RRS is also committed to using application appropriate equipment, maintaining critical health and safety practices and providing the highest-level of remediation application expertise available.

Did you know?  We were the first company to:

  • Inject specialty chemicals for remediation
  • Implement direct push technology as an application tool
  • Develop a controlled-release electron acceptor for biodegradation
  • Develop a controlled-release electron donor for biodegradation
  • Create a real-time PCR test for the functional gene of Dehalococcoides sp.
  • Commercially manufacture micron-scale carbon product for remediation
  • Create the first and only technology shown to treat back-diffusion from dual porosity matrices
  • Commercialise a micron-scale sorbent as a biomatrix
  • Develop working software model to include competitive sorption
  • Recognise the importance of contaminant flux in remediation design
  • Be recognised by the USEPA for excellence in application and verification of substrate application
  • Offer a performance warranty on an in situ remediation programme


30 years of Innovation:

Biological and Chemical Remediation of Organic Contaminants


Our Oxygen Release Compound (ORC®)  is the first tailored chemical in situ remediation solution in the world to be offered to environmental engineering firms. Its unique formulation is the first of its kind to provide controlled oxygen release for in situ remediation of aerobically degradable, petroleum hydrocarbon contamination. This new low-cost and in situ remediation treatment quickly becomes a replacement technology for expensive, above-ground mechanical pump and treat systems.


REGENESIS develops the ground breaking Hydrogen Release Compound (HRC®) to extend its low-cost controlled release technology to the anaerobic in situ degradation of chlorinated contaminants. Several custom versions of HRC are developed to client preferences including HRC-X® for extended hydrogen release and HRC Primer® for more rapid hydrogen release.


REGENESIS develops the Metals Remediation Compound (MRC®) as a cost-effective way to immobilize metals such as hex-chrome Cr(VI) from groundwater. It also has the added benefit of treating chlorinated hydrocarbon contamination.


REGENESIS introduces the innovative RegenOx® as a response to increased market demand for safe, effective and easy to apply remediation solutions for high contamination levels that do not rely on aggressive chemical oxidation processes.


REGENESIS develops ORC Advanced® as an upgrade to the original ORC®. It releases significantly more oxygen by weight (17% of its weight) to enable even faster aerobic bioremediation.


3-D Microemulsion is developed to allow to be applied in higher volumes, achieving much greater subsurface distribution, and greater longevity. This high-performance product enters the market at a comparable price to that of commodity chemicals.


REGENESIS’ new Land Science Technologies division (Not available in Europe) focusing on vapor intrusion solutions for the growing market of brownfields redevelopment takes immediate market leadership with its high-performance vapor barrier offering greater chemical resistance, constructability and cost-effectiveness.


REGENESIS develops of PetroCleanze®, enabling the release of bound hydrocarbons for more effective enhanced recovery and chemical oxidation, without affecting existing structures / underground services.


REGENESIS develops CRS® and adds a liquid-based ISCR agent to the toolkit of integrated remediation solutions.


REGENESIS develops PersulfOx®, an all-in-one product that provides powerful and highly efficient chemical oxidation performance with a built-in catalyst.

REGENESIS develops RetroCoat™, a first of its kind, chemically resistant coating designed to stop vapor intrusion within existing structures.


REGENESIS launches PlumeStop® Liquid Activated Carbon. An innovative, in situ remediation substrate which quickly and effectively treats contaminated groundwater and prevents the spread of contaminated plumes.


REGENESIS launches S-MicroZVI, designed to provide In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR) of contaminants within the subsurface environment.



REGENESIS launches PetroFix® a cost-effective, dual-functioning activated carbon solution designed to remediate petroleum spills and provide immediate results for gas station and UST sites.


in 2022 REGENESIS launches SourceStop® (Liquid formulation) for immediate and long-term immobilisation of source area PFAS contamination. In 2024, a solid formulation of SourceStop is added to the product range, for mixing in with soils.