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To make it easier for you to find and access training material, we have made a selection of the most recent and popular content by contaminant type. We will keep adding topics and content and will mark this as *NEW*, so it is worth checking back to this page on a regular basis. All our content is free to access.

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Chlorinated Solvents
Duration Format Title
1:00:00 *NEW* Webinar Using In Situ Bioremediation and Liquid Activated Carbon for a TCE PlumeGuest: Golder Associates Register
0:50:00 *NEW* Webinar Optimization of ZVI Technology for the In Situ Remediation of Chlorinated Contaminants View
0:07:08 Video Integrated remediation of a mixed pesticides, TPH and VOC plume at a former industrial site View
0:50:00 *NEW* Animation S-MicroZVI Technical Animation View
0:01:07 Video Suspension and Mixing behaviour of commodity ZVI versus S-MicroZVI View
0:41:25 Webinar Successful biostimulation and bioaugmentation treatment of DNAPL (IES) Access
0:04:11 Video Phased Remediation of PCE at an Active Manufacturing Facility View
0:01:59 Animation Back Diffusion Explained View
0:55:30 Webinar Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination for Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater (RemSoc) Access
0:07:26 Video In Situ Remediation of TCE in Silts and Clays in Sweden View
1:00:52 Webinar Cost-Effective Remediation via Enhanced Characterization Guest: GZH GeoEnvironmental Access
0:04:39 Video Remediation at Bologna train station View

Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Duration Format Title
0:02:52 *NEW* Animation PetroFix technical animation View
0:48:44 Webinar Treating high levels of petroleum hydrocarbons: case studies of in situ sorption Access
0:57:07 Webinar From site investigation to sign off – A holistic approach to addressing TPH – Guest: WDE Consulting  Access
0:03:56 Video PetroFix, ORC-A and Advanced Combined Remedy Using Excavation to Treat BTEX View
0:52:03 Webinar Defining Remediation Success for Residual NAPL Hydrocarbons – Guest: John Wilson PhD.  Access
1:10:24 Webinar Cleanup of a 14 Million Litre Fuel Spill at a Former Military BaseGuest: RGS Nordic   Access
0:02:18 Video In situ remediation of groundwater contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons in England, UK Access
0:03:01 Video Excavation and Backfill Treatment Paves the Way for New Community Justice Center Access

Duration  Format Title
0:03:31 Animation Removing the Risk: An Explanation of In Situ Remediation of PFAS in Groundwater  Access 
0:04:51 Video Breakthrough Treatment for PFAS  View
0:04:33 Video Camp Grayling Pilot Study for PFAS: First Demonstrated In-Situ Solution in Michigan  View
1:01:29 Webinar Eliminating Risk of PFAS: Low-Cost Remediation with Colloidal Activated Carbon  Access
1:00:00 Webinar Six Pilot-Scale Studies Evaluating the In Situ Treatment of PFAS in Groundwater – Guest: Rick McGregor Register
1:01:05 Webinar Emerging PFAS Legal and Regulatory Strategies – Guest: Barnes & Thornburg LLP Access
1:01:41 Webinar PFAS Contamination in Minnesota, US: Lessons Learned, Fate and Transport, and Reducing Exposure – Guest: Minnesota Department of Health Access
1:01:05 Webinar Challenges of PFAS in Groundwater – Lessons learned for Michigan’s Survey of Community Water Guest: Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Access
1:02:30 Webinar PFAS Perspectives: Lessons Learned from a Decade of Experience Guest: Antea Group Access
1:02:04 Webinar In Situ Remediation: Modeling and Visualization Tools (including PFAS case study) Guest: Porewater Solutions Access
0:52:54 Webinar Successful In Situ Remediation of PFAS using PlumeStopGuest: IRSL  Access
0:52:54 Webinar Performing Due Diligence to Manage PFAS Liability RiskGuest: Godfrey & Kahn, S.C.  Access
Overarching Remediation Topics
Duration Format Title
1:01:44 Webinar Pathway to Success: New Approach to Complex Contaminated Sites Guest: Burns & McDonell  Access
0:45:53 Webinar Balancing the Costs of Active Cleanup & Long-term Stewardship Guest: EnviroForensics  Access
1:01:12 Webinar Safe and Effective Remediation: Best Practices – Guest: Antea Group  Access
1:01:05 Webinar Effectively Manage Back Diffusion from a Fractured Sandstone Aquifer – Guest: WSP  Access

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