Engineered to provide immediate and long-lasting results for fuel depots, industrial tank farms, petroleum retail stations as well as rail, road and domestic oil spills, PetroFix® is a cost-effective, in situ treatment for petroleum hydrocarbon contamination.

How PetroFix works:

What is PetroFix?

PetroFix is a water-based suspension of micron-scale (1-2μm) activated carbon and biostimulating electron acceptors (slow and quick-release nutrients).

How does it work?

1) PetroFix distributes in the subsurface and coats the soils with micron-scale activated carbon.

2) Petroleum hydrocarbons rapidly sorb to the activated carbon, removing them from the groundwater.

3) Electron acceptors in the PetroFix kick-start natural biological degradation of the contamination sorbed.

4) Biological degradation regenerates sorption sites to allow further influx sorption, providing a long-term treatment.

PetroFix application section view

Simple to Use:

Site Types:

Typical Application

  • Liquid-based direct-push injection through hollow holes
  • Liquid-based direct-placement into boreholes
  • Liquid-based injections in conjunction with ORC Advanced® (ORC-A) to support enhanced aerobic biodegradation
  • For more information, please read the Application Instructions

Target Contaminants:

  • Petroleum Hydrocarbons
    – Gasoline Range
    – Diesel Range
  • BTEX
  • MTBE
  • Creosote
  • PAHs
  • Guide of treatable contaminants

PetroFix Resources

Application Guide

Videos & Animation

PetroFix Brochure