PetroFix™ is a cost-effective, dual-functioning activated carbon solution, designed to treat high contaminant concentration levels.

Target Contaminants:

  • Petroleum Hydrocarbons
    – Gasoline Range
    – Diesel Range

  • BTEX

  • MTBE

  • Creosote

  • PAHs

Where to Use:

  • Petroleum fuel spills

  • Domestic oil spills/leaks

  • Petrol stations

  • UST sites

A Dual-Functioning, Activated Carbon Remedial Technology for Treating Petroleum Hydrocarbons

PetroFix has a dual function: it removes hydrocarbons from the dissolved phase by absorbing them on to activated carbon particles and then stimulates hydrocarbon biodegradation by adding electron acceptors. PetroFix is a highly concentrated water-based suspension consisting of micron-scale activated

carbon and biostimulating electron acceptors. The enviromentally-compatible formulation of micron-scale activated carbon (1-2 microns) is combined with both slow and quick-release inorganic electron acceptors. Practitioners can select between a sulfate and nitrate combination blend (recommended) or sulfate only for the additional electron acceptors required.

Simple to Use:

  • Inject under low pressure, or

  • Pour into open excavation

Typical Applications:

  • Liquid-based direct-push injection through hollow holes

  • Liquid-based direct-placement into boreholes

  • Liquid-based injections in conjunction with Oxygen Release Compound (ORC) to support enhanced aerobic biodegradation

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