The challenges of UST spills and leaks

The granular ‘bedding’ surrounding an Underground Storage Tank (UST) can be coated with fuel following a leak or spill and become a long-term reservoir of contamination. Leaching of this fuel into the groundwater can develop and maintain contaminant plumes, posing a risk to the environment and human-health on- and off-site.

Remediation around the tank can be expensive, disruptive and difficult; requiring excavation of the bedding and UST. Where this is not possible, limited remediation can be completed through drilling and operation of equipment in between pipework and services, often on busy petrol forecourts.

Tank base ‘flooding’ with PetroFix

PetroFix® is a liquid form of activated carbon which can be applied directly into the UST bedding, coating it in a fine layer of activated carbon, where it immediately completes the following actions:

  • Prevents leaching of the contamination from the soils

  • Adsorbs contamination in the groundwater

  • Kick-starts the enhanced biological degradation of the bound contaminants

The treatment targets the sorbed contamination on the bedding, rapidly sorbing and degrading it to prevent the development of groundwater plumes for recent spills, or enhancing the natural attenuation of existing contaminant plumes.


PetroFix is a non-corrosive liquid that can be safely applied around all underground infrastructure on a petrol filling station. Shallow installation points can be installed through the forecourt slab and PetroFix pumped or poured in, where it will percolate through the permeable bedding material. Application is rapid, safe and minimises disruption to the operation of the business and its customers.

Treatment locations include:

  • UST tank bedding

  • Underneath fuel dispensers

  • Pipeline and service corridor bedding


  • Safe

  • Low cost

  • Rapid

  • Compatible with all underground infrastructure

  • Minimises disruption:

    • No excavation

    • No heavy equipment onsite

    • Short application time

Risk management at a fuelling station: PetroFix®coated UST bases, fill, and pipe bedding

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