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The Cost of Inaction

Cost of Inaction

Third-Party Research Article Publications

Longevity of colloidal activated carbon for in situ PFAS remediation at AFFF-contaminated airport sites (2022)

Authors: Grant R. Carey et al.

Six Pilot-Scale Studies Evaluating the In Situ Treatment of PFAS
Author: Rick McGregor, In Situ Remediation Services Ltd (IRSL)

In Situ Treatment of TCE and PFAS in Groundwater within a Silty Sand Aquifer
Authors: Rick McGregor (IRSL) and Ye Zhao 

Distribution of Colloidal and Powdered Activated Carbon for Groundwater Treatment
Author: Rick McGregor (IRSL)

Treatment of PFAS-Impacted Water Using Colloidal Activated Carbon
Author: R. McGregor (IRSL)

Evaluating the Longevity of a PFAS In Situ Colloidal Activated Carbon Remedy
Authors: G. Carey et al.

The Effects of Heterogeneity on the Distribution and Treatment of PFAS
Effects Heterogeneity
Authors: R.McGregor and L. Benevenuto (IRSL)

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