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Six Pilot-Scale Studies Evaluating the In Situ Treatment of PFAS

Author: Rick McGregor (In Situ Remediation Services Ltd.)

Evaluating the Longevity of a PFAS In Situ Colloidal Activated Carbon Remedy

Author: Grant R. Carey (Porewater Solutions), Rick McGregor (In Situ Remediation Services Ltd.), Anh Le-Tuan Pham (University of Waterloo), Brent Sleep (University of Toronto)  

Treatment of PFAS-Impacted Water Using Colloidal Activated Carbon

Author: Rick McGregor (In Situ Remediation Services Ltd.)

The Effects of Heterogeneity on the Distribution and Treatment of PFAS

Effects Heterogeneity

Authors: Rick McGregor und Leticia Benevenuto (In Situ Remediation Services Ltd.)

In Situ Treatment of TCE and PFAS in Groundwater within a Silty Sand Aquifer


Authors: Rick McGregor und Ye Zhao (In Situ Remediation Services Ltd.)

Distribution of Colloidal and Powdered Activated Carbon for Groundwater Treatment


Author: Rick McGregor (In Situ Remediation Services Ltd.)

In situ PFAS treatment with PlumeStop®

PlumeStop is the only in situ remedial technology proven to eliminate the environmental risk of PFAS in groundwater. PlumeStop is liquid, colloidal activated carbon that is injected under low pressure into PFAS plumes to prevent further contaminant migration. PlumeStop coats the aquifer matrix within the contaminant flux zones with a micron-scale layer of activated carbon. This creates a purifying filter in the subsurface, which will sorb the PFAS, removing it from the groundwater. This allows low regulatory standards to be rapidly achieved and maintained long-term, eliminating PFAS risk to downgradient receptors. The short video on the right-hand side explains how PlumeStop works.

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