PFAS Treatment Solutions

Sustainable remediation options for the entire PFAS source-plume system


Vadose Zone

 – Reduce leachability of contamination in soil

 – Prevent discharge to groundwater 


Capillary Fringe

 – Adsorb contamination in the air-water interface

 – Prevent discharge to groundwater



 – Remove high PFAS levels from groundwater by adsorption

 – Allow downgradient plume to attenuate



 – Remove mobile PFAS from groundwater by adsorption

 – Prevent offsite migration and protect downgradient receptors

Targeted in situ remediation

4 key areas of the PFAS source-plume system can be treated in combination or isolation, depending on your site needs. Click on the buttons above to find out more.


PFAS contamination is so widespread that a sustainable solution has be used to avoid remediation activities adding to atmospheric greenhouse gases. REGENESIS provides a sustainable and available approach for PFAS remediation. But don’t just take our word for it! We asked Ramboll to carry out a comprehensive sustainability comparison study and the results speak for themselves:

Combining Source and Plume Treatment

PFAS source and plume treatment remediation

Spill-location soils can discharge PFAS into the groundwater for decades. By using a blend of amendments and SourceStop™, further leaching of contamination is minimised, creating the enhanced attenuation of the downgradient plume below actionable levels.

While the plume is attenuating, offsite liability can be immediately removed and downgradient receptors protected through treatment of the groundwater using a PlumeStop® barrier. The PlumeStop barrier can be supplied with a warranty to guarantee performance.


Rapid Risk Reduction

Accurate & Flexible


Cost Savings

Sustainable Solution

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