Achieve rapid and effective immobilization of PFAS soils and groundwater in source areas to halt and prevent contaminant movement and drive enhanced natural attenuation of the plume. Protect downgradient receptors and avoid ongoing and uncertain costs with this complete and highly flexible in situ solution.

Treatment Mechanisms

  • PFAS leachability minimisation from soils

    • Preventing further discharge to the groundwater

  • Sorption of PFAS in groundwater and capillary fringe

    • Preventing further migration of the contamination

A Deeper Dive – Why Target Source Zones?

Soil Source Treatment

SourceStop Solid is a low-dust composite aggregate that is easily and rapidly mixed into PFAS impacted soils in the source area. Using our powerful colloidal activated carbon technology, SourceStop Solid penetrates and coats the affected soils, reducing PFAS leachability and preventing further discharge into the groundwater. Learn more about the advantages of using SourceStop Solid:

Groundwater Source Treatment

SourceStop Liquid is injected under low pressure into the source zone capillary fringe and groundwater. This converts the subsurface into a purifying filter, removing high levels of PFAS from the groundwater through sorption, reducing the mass flux of PFAS migrating from the source area. Learn more about the advantages of using SourceStop Liquid:

Benefits of SourceStop Treatment

Rapid Risk Reduction

  •  Unsurpassed distribution and sorption with SourceStop CAC technologies
  • Protects downgradient receptors 

Low-Cost and

  • No operational and maintenance cost
  • No waste: no excavation and disposal cost
  • Avoid high, ongoing and uncertain costs
  • Low carbon footprint

Flexible & Safe Solution

  • Solid and Liquid forms of SourceStop target different problem areas 

  • Tailored, holistic solutions for each site

  • Safe and easy treatment: low dust, non-hazardous products


  • Full design and installation support
  • Performance warranty available when combined with downgradient treatment

Combine with Plume Treatment & Warranty

If groundwater remedial targets are to be met in a short timeframe, then source treatment is easily combined with a downgradient PlumeStop® barrier to immediately eliminate risk.

The barrier can be provided with a warranty to provide certainty and peace of mind. 


Technical Bulletin 1

Soil Stabilization – Optimizing Activated Carbon-Based Adsorbents for Immobilizing PFAS in Source Zones

Academic Research Papers

List of relevant scientific articles

Technical Bulletin 2

SourceStop – A High Concentration Colloidal Activated Carbon Product for Immobilizing PFAS at the Source

Enhanced Natural Attenuation of PFAS

Learn about the precedent of ENA in remediation and the direction PFAS regulation is taking

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