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  • pfas in-situ remediation

    Pilot Test Conducted to Remove PFAS Risk at Michigan Army National Guard Airfield

    This case study reviews a pilot test to remove PFAS risk via an in-situ colloidal activated carbon barrier at Camp Grayling in Crawford County, Michigan, a large year-round military training center operated by the Michigan Army National Guard (MIARNG).
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  • pfas article

    Research Article Documents Successful In-Situ Remediation of PFAS

    A research paper published in Wiley's Remediation Journal reviews an industrial site where PFAS contaminants in groundwater were successfully remediated in-situ.
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  • In-Situ Remedy Addresses PFAS Risk at Superfund Site

    This case study reviews remedial programs undertaken at the Solvents Recovery Service of New England (SRSNE), where soil and groundwater were contaminated with VOCs and PFAS contaminants. PlumeStop quickly reduced PFOS/PFOA levels and in combination with AquaZVI eliminated VOC contaminant concentrations
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  • webinar with Scott Wilson PFAS

    Full Q&A from PFAS Remediation Webinar with Scott Wilson Now Available

    REGENESIS President & CEO Scott Wilson recently presented a webinar, "Eliminating Risk of PFAS Contamination: Low-Cost In-Situ Remediation with Colloidal Activated Carbon". The full questions from the audience and answers are now available for download.
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  • Significant Reduction in VOCs Achieved at Rail Site with PlumeStop and AquaZVI

    This case study reviews a contaminated rail site in Canada that had released chlorinated solvents in groundwater. A combined remedy approach was chosen because it optimizes the use of colloidal activated carbon and zero valent iron, allowing for the highest treatment efficiency at the lowest possible cost.
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  • Remediation experts

    Short on In-House Remediation Expertise?
    Let our Experienced Technical Staff Review Your Site for Free!

    We understand your challenges and can help you find a remediation solution to fit your needs!
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  • REGENESIS and GEA Ltd Earn ‘Best Conceptual Design’ at Brownfield Briefing Awards

    REGENESIS, together with their client GEA, unlocked the redevelopment of a galligu and petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated site in the north of the UK, earning them the ‘Best Conceptual Design’ in the Brownfield Briefing awards (BB Awards).
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  • Challenging Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Site Rapidly Reaches Closure

    This case study reviews an active gasoline station in Springerville, Arizona was listed as a hazardous Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) site by the state of Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). After 30 years of using a number of approaches, REGENESIS was contacted to perform ISCO and bioremediation.
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  • slider-PFAS

    Breakthrough Treatment for PFAS

    This case study reviews a site impacted with petroleum hydrocarbons, PFOS and PFOA. A single application of PlumeStop resulted in a significant reduction of contaminant concentrations to below standards for 18+ months since the injection.
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  • why in-situ remediation

    Top 6 Reasons It’s Worth Considering An In-Situ Remediation Approach

    While ex-situ approaches can be considered as part of any remediation plan, there are a variety of reasons why an in-situ strategy can be a more cost effective option. Download the eBook to learn more.
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  • in situ pfas treatment

    Breakthrough In-Situ Treatment for PFAS

    This video presents a case study of a site contaminated with PFAS, where PlumeStop® Liquid Activated Carbon™ from REGENESIS was injected in-situ, achieving excellent distribution through the subsurface to remove contaminants. PFAS contaminants at the site have been at non-detect for over 15 months.
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  • A Business Case Approach to Site Clean Up

    This eBook provides a guide to cost-effective remediation planning, and understanding your total cost to remediate, including case studies with cost analyses of different remediation approaches considered.
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