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Technology-Based Solutions for the Environment
  • Colloidal Zero-Valent Iron Products

    REGENESIS offers two advanced zero-valent iron (ZVI) products, AquaZVI™ and MicroZVI™ which are proven to promote In-Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR) of contaminants within the subsurface environment.
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  • webinar

    Upcoming Webinar - Case Study: Practical Strategies to Demonstrate Remediation Success with PlumeStop and AquaZVI

    In this webinar we are pleased to have as a special guest speaker Matthew Burns, Technical Fellow and the U.S. contaminated land national service line director for WSP. He will present PlumeStop and AquaZVI treatment case studies and practical analytical strategies used to demonstrate destructive treatment of groundwater contaminants.
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  • slider-PFAS

    Breakthrough Treatment for PFAS

    This case study reviews a site impacted with petroleum hydrocarbons, PFOS and PFOA. A single application of PlumeStop resulted in a significant reduction of contaminant concentrations to below standards for 18+ months since the injection.
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  • remediation case study

    Advanced Remedial Technologies Restore Neighborhood

    Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the environmental firm, DLZ, implemented a combined remedy which included mitigating vapor intrusion in a residential neighborhood and treating a groundwater plume with a novel, multi-phase in-situ bioremediation approach.
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  • remediation goals achieved

    Former Santa Barbara Manufacturing Facility Treated Using a Combined Remedy Approach

    Haro Environmental chose to incorporate a remediation design using PlumeStop, HRC, and BDI Plus to rapidly reduce PCE and TCE, create conditions for sustained treatment, and meet regulatory guidelines for the site.
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  • Combined Remedy Chosen for FDEP Innovative Technologies Program

    The Florida Department of Environmental Protection engaged the environmental consulting firm, Advanced Environmental Technologies LLC to design a combined remedial approach employing PlumeStop, RegenOx and ORC Advanced, to sorb, degrade, and destroy a petroleum contaminant plume.
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  • why in-situ remediation

    Top 6 Reasons It’s Worth Considering An In-Situ Remediation Approach

    While ex-situ approaches can be considered as part of any remediation plan, there are a variety of reasons why an in-situ strategy can be a more cost effective option. Download the eBook to learn more.
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  • grant carey recording homepage

    Webinar Recording: Visualization and Modeling Tools for Evaluating Remediation Performance

    In this webinar, special guest speaker Grant Carey, Ph.D., President of Porewater Solutions, demonstrated visualization and modeling tools which may be used to improve the assessment and communication of site remediation activities.
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  • in situ pfas treatment

    Breakthrough In-Situ Treatment for PFAS

    This video presents a case study of a site contaminated with PFAS, where PlumeStop® Liquid Activated Carbon™ from REGENESIS was injected in-situ, achieving excellent distribution through the subsurface to remove contaminants. PFAS contaminants at the site have been at non-detect for over 15 months.
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  • A Business Case Approach to Site Clean Up

    This eBook provides a guide to cost-effective remediation planning, and understanding your total cost to remediate, including case studies with cost analyses of different remediation approaches considered.
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  • ORC Advanced Pellets in Skagit County

    ORC Advanced Pellets Used in Excavation and Backfill Making Way for New Community Justice Center

    Using ORC Advanced Pellets from REGENESIS, leading environmental and planning firm Maul Foster & Alongi successfully remediated a brownfield property to be redeveloped into a new state of the art community justice center.
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  • ebook

    Vapor Intrusion Solutions to Speed Urban Residential Development

    Download this eBook to learn preemptive approaches, how to choose a remediation solution that ensures certainty, your true cost-to-compliance and more.
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  • Remediation professionals

    Short on In-House Remediation Expertise?
    Let our Experienced Technical Staff Review Your Site for Free!

    We understand your challenges and can help you find a remediation solution to fit your needs!
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  • ERD at dry cleaning site

    Enhanced Reduced Dechlorination Showing Positive Returns

    Environmental Engineering and Consulting Firm, EnviroForensics has chosen remediation technologies from REGENESIS to treat PCE and daughter products at a dry cleaner site. The goal of the ERD approach is to reach site closure quickly, and reduce the costs and health risks of this contamination.
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