REGENESIS Is Proud To Work With A Wide Range Of Clients

Our products and services have been successfully applied to over 26,000 environmental remediation projects worldwide.

Over the Company’s 20 year history within the groundwater and soil remediation industry, REGENESIS has worked in some capacity with most every environmental engineering and consulting firm in the business.

“REGENESIS Products always work for me. I’ve closed dozens of sites using them.”

Jack Sheldon
Senior Remediation Specialist

“REGENESIS has some great IP, and among the best technical sales managers in the industry. In addition, they are open about their technologies and always very helpful, from management to technical sales managers to R&D.”

Matthew Burns
Technical Fellow

“REGENESIS is to Remediation as Kleenex is to Tissues.”

Dennis Schucker, Ph.D., PG, CP
Senior Geologist/Project Manager

“Customer Service has been excellent. The REGENESIS staff is easy to work with and the personnel are prepared to troubleshoot our unique situations.”

Ryan Rapuzzi
Project Manager

“Your engineers provide solid information and backup for your technical assessments of sites; your products work; your company provides excellent case studies to compare and evaluate. I love working with technically competent people who are nice on top of it!”

Yen-Vy Van
Senior Hydrogeologist

“We enjoy working with REGENESIS due to the customer service we receive and the wealth of available information they provide us in planning and implementing our work.”

Jeffrey Carnahan, MS, LPG

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