Sample Collections Guidelines

Successful collection of field samples is essential to the analysis of REGENESIS soil oxidant demand testing and treatability studies. Download the Lab Services document for reference on the type of containers to use, quantity of soil and water samples for specified tests, and shipping guidelines for effective and efficient assessment of a particular REGENESIS technology.

Sample Collections Guidelines

Treatability Testing

Bench-scale treatability testing for soil and groundwater remediation projects is a useful tool for assessing the ability of a particular technology to degrade or remove contaminants of concern within a given site matrix under controlled laboratory conditions. Ultimately, many factors contribute to the success of a remediation project implemented in the field, and these bench tests provide early insight into the suitability of a technology for the site. REGENESIS offers treatability testing performed by R&D staff at their Southern California lab for select product lines. Experiments for these tests are designed and performed in house, and contaminant analyses are conducted by a certified third-party analytical lab. Download the Lab Services document to learn more.

treatability testing

REGENESIS Treatability Testing

Soil Oxidant Demand Testing

Soil Oxidant Demand (SOD) testing can be used to assess the suitability of an in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) approach at a given site and further estimate the amount of oxidant consumed by the soil matrix during ISCO applications. REGENESIS offers SOD testing for their ISCO product lines: PersulfOx®, a persulfate-based oxidant, and RegenOx®, a percarbonate-based oxidant. The quantitative SOD test measures oxidant consumption by any oxidant sinks present in the soil matrix (ex. reduced minerals, organic materials). The results of the SOD test can be used alone or in combination with site characterization data to aid in determining the oxidant dose required to successfully remediate a given contaminated aquifer. Download the Soil Oxidant Demand document to learn more.

sod testing

REGENESIS Soil Oxidant Demand Testing

Chain of Custody Form

Samples are to be shipped overnight in a cooler packed with wet ice or ice packs. All samples for treatability studies or soil oxidant demand testing must be sent with a REGENESIS COC (chain of custody) form. Sampling containers and coolers will be provided by REGENESIS upon request. Download the REGENESIS chain of custody form to send your samples for testing.

chain of custody

REGENESIS Chain of Custody Form