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Course 1:

In Situ Treatment of PFAS

  1. Animation – More sustainable PFAS treatment explained.View
  2. Webinar – SourceStop effective PFAS treatment.Access
  3. Case Study – PFAS Eliminated for 4.5 Years and Counting.View
  4. Research Article – Sustainability assessment of in situ and ex situ remediation of PFAS.View

Course 2:

Integrated Remedial Approaches

  1. Video – Remediation of free product at an active rail depot. Watch
  2. Webinar – Application of Sustainable Remediation Solutions. Access
  3. Case Study – Integrated in situ remediation of honing oil in a chalk aquifer. Access

Course 3:

Petroleum Hydrocarbons

  1. Webinar – Achieving Significant Cost Savings Using Colloidal Activated Carbon.Access
  2. Video – Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons at Former Buxton Naval Auxiliary Air Station.Watch
  3. Case Study – PetroFix Permeable Reactive Barrier Prevents Offsite Risk. Read

Course 4:

PetroFix Remediation Fluid

  1. Webinar – Innovative Remediation via PetroFix Injections. Access
  2. Technical Bulletin – PetroFix remediation under a petrol station. View
  3. Video – Utilizing PetroFix to address petroleum leaks. View

Course 5:

In Situ Remediation Processes

PetroFix animation detail picture
  1. Animation – Injections Explained. Watch
  2. Animation – Back Diffusion Explained. Watch
  3. Animation – Enhanced reductive dechlorination of large-scale plumes Watch

Course 6:

Chlorinated Solvents

dry cleaning
  1. Animation – Enhanced reductive dechlorination explained. Watch
  2. Case Study – High Levels of TCE Remediated at Former Chemical Manufacturing Facility. Read
  3. Webinar – Novel Electron Donor Development. Watch

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Additional Resource List

Petroleum HydrocarbonsPFASChlorinated compoundsOther topicsThird party resources

Chlorinated Solvents
Duration Format Title
1:00:00 Webinar Evolving Remedies to Achieve Successful Site Closure at Brownfield Sites. Access
1:00:00 Webinar Introducing AquiFix™: The First Ever Solid, Micron-Scale Electron Donor to Treat Chlorinated Solvents. Access
0:06:44 Animation Remediation of chlorinated solvents with PlumeStop View
0:4:01 Animation S-MicroZVI Technical Animation View
0:01:07 Video Suspension and Mixing behaviour of commodity ZVI versus S-MicroZVI View
1:00:00 Webinar The Anatomy of a Risk-Based Closure and Litigation Risks. Access
0:04:11 Video Phased Remediation of PCE at an Active Manufacturing Facility View
0:01:59 Animation Back Diffusion Explained View
1:00:00 Webinar A Proven Approach to Reduce Long-Term Risk on Chlorinated Solvent Sites. Access
0:07:26 Video In Situ Remediation of TCE in Silts and Clays in Sweden View
1:00:00 Webinar Analytical Tools to Promote CVOC and PFAS Plume Stability. Access
0:04:39 Video Remediation at Bologna train station View
1:00:00 Webinar A Remedy to Achieve Site Closure: Fast and Permanent Remedy Replaces Pump and Treat System. Access

Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Duration Format Title
0:01:26 Video PetroFix mixing and injection at a domestic oil spill site – with Seed Environmental View
1:00:00 Webinar PetroFix – Validating the Role of PetroFix® Technology for the Remediation Practitioner’s Toolbox. Access
1:00:00 Webinar Rapid Remediation of Hydrocarbon Plumes: Best Practices for the Design and Application of PetroFix. Access
1:00:00 Webinar Petroleum Contaminants from UST at Non-Detect within 60 Days using PetroFix. Access
0:03:56 Video PetroFix, ORC-A and Advanced Combined Remedy Using Excavation to Treat BTEX View
1:00:00 Webinar Performance of a New Activated Carbon Amendment for Bio-Remediating Petroleum Impacted Sites.  Access
1:00:00 Webinar Defining Cleanup Success for Groundwater Remediation.   Access
0:02:18 Video In situ remediation of groundwater contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons in England, UK Access
0:03:01 Video Excavation and Backfill Treatment Paves the Way for New Community Justice Center Access
0:3:00 Case Study PetroFix Estimated to Save $1 Million Compared to Long-Term Monitoring. View
0:3:00 Case Study Proven, Rapid, and Cost-Effective Petroleum Spill Treatment. View
0:09:44 Case Study Cleanup Goals Met Post PetroFix Application. View

Duration  Format Title
1:00:00 Webinar The Fallacy of Pumping to Remove PFAS from Aquifers & Proven Advantages of In Situ Remediation. Access
1:00:00 Webinar The complex challenges of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances as environmental contaminants: a soil perspective Access
1:00:00 Webinar Colloidal Activated Carbon Performance and Long-term Strategies for In Situ PFAS Remediation. Access
0:06:27 Video PlumeStop® treats PFAS and protects island community resources. Access 
0:04:51 Video Breakthrough Treatment for PFAS  View
0:07:08 Explanation In Situ Remediation of PFAS using Colloidal Activated Carbon  View
0:04:33 Video Camp Grayling Pilot Study for PFAS: First Demonstrated In-Situ Solution in Michigan  View
1:00:00 Webinar SourceStop: Effective PFAS Treatment for Soil and Groundwater in Source Areas. Access
1:00:00 Webinar PFAS Lessons Learned Treating a Large-Scale AFFF Site Using In-Situ Colloidal Activated Carbon. Access
1:00:00 Webinar PFAS Regulatory State of the Union. Access
1:00:00 Webinar The Need for Sustainable PFAS Remediation. Access
1:00:00 Webinar In-Situ Treatment of PFAS at the Air-Water Interface within a Source Zone Using PlumeStop. Access
1:00:00 Webinar Modeling PlumeStop Longevity at AFFF-Impacted Military and Airport Sites. Access
1:00:00 Webinar Analytical Tools to Promote CVOC and PFAS Plume Stability.  Access
1:00:00 Webinar Attaining PFAS Criteria in Groundwater: Predictability, Sensitivity, & Practicability.  Access


Overarching Remediation Topics
Duration Format Title
1:00:00 Webinar REGENESIS Technical Perspectives Series Part 1 – PlumeStop® Colloidal Activated Carbon and Modelling. Access
1:00:00 Webinar REGENESIS Technical Perspectives Series Part 2 – Using Modelling to Explore Hidden Processes.   Access
1:00:00 Webinar REGENESIS Technical Perspectives Series Part 3 – Use of Modelling Beyond Design.  Access
1:00:00 Webinar Effective Methods for Enhancing Permeable Reactive Barriers: Use of Colloidal Sulfidated Iron and Activated Carbon.  Access
1:00:00 Webinar Stormwater and Wastewater PFAS Regulations and How Industry is Responding.  Access
1:00:00 Webinar Is That Your PFAS? Using Forensics to Identify Sources.  Access


Third Party Resources
Duration Format Title
0:00:00 Article Enhanced Attenuation (EA) to Manage PFAS Plumes in Groundwater. Access
0:00:00 Article Use of MNA for Inorganic Contaminants at Superfund Sites.   Access
0:00:00 Article MNA to Manage PFAS Impacts to Groundwater: Potential Guidelines.  Access
0:00:00 Article PFAS Experts Symposium 2: In Situ Remediation Technologies.  Access
0:00:00 Article MNA to Manage PFAS Impacts to Groundwater: Scientific Basis.  Access
0:03:30 Video Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council: PFAS Remediation.  Access

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