In this webinar we are pleased to have as a special guest speaker Gordon Dean, Vice President of Advanced Environmental Technologies, LLC (AET). His presentation discusses a multi-use convenience store site in Panama City Beach, Florida impacted by contamination from a leaking underground storage tank (UST), where PetroFix® Remediation Fluid, a micro-scale carbon suspension with soluble electron acceptors, was applied to reach target goals within 60 days. He is joined by Chad Northington, Southeast District Manager at REGENESIS, and Todd Herrington, Global PetroFix Product Manager at REGENESIS.

Highlights featured in this webinar:

  • AET treated high concentration source areas by provding a permanent, in situ sorptive and biologically permeable reactive barrier (PRB) at a UST site
  • A cost analysis was conducted to identify a remediation technology that was affordable and would be guaranteed to lower the contaminant levels below the target levels
  • PetroFix Remediation Fluid can be applied under low pressure to capture and biodegradate petroleum contaminants

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