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As the range and complexity of in situ remediation products and application methods increase, many leading environmental engineering consultants are turning to REGENESIS Remediation Services (RRS) to actively manage the field application of our remedial technologies. Working with our team ensures a high probability of success, while minimizing risks associated with managing soil and groundwater remediation projects.

RRS is a dedicated team of scientists and engineers providing environmental engineering and consulting firms with specialized groundwater and soil remediation planning, design, verification and on-site application services.

This uniquely qualified group of remediation professionals combines excellence in field activity management and REGENESIS’ world class technologies to achieve site closure on-time and on-budget. RRS draws from 20+ years of hands-on experience working with hundreds of leading environmental engineering firms on thousands of in situ groundwater and soil remediation projects around the world.

“I wanted to say that we were extremely pleased the REGENESIS Remediation Services team in the field and wanted to let you know that they did an excellent job…thank you for working with us to accommodate all of our requests and making this project a success so far. We definitely have REGENESIS at the top of our list for future injection work!”

Daniel Keady, E.I.T., Senior Associate Environmental Engineer, Tetra Tech

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RRS only works for environmental engineering and consulting firms, users of our services include:

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