In this webinar we were pleased to have as a special guest speaker John Cuthbertson, Associate Vice President and North America Industrial PFAS Lead at AECOM. Mr. Cuthbertson’s presentation looked at stormwater and wastewater PFAS regulations and how industry is responding. He was joined by Scott Wilson, President & CEO at REGENESIS, who shared the latest developments about colloidal activated carbon’s use in the remediation industry as a low-cost method of eliminating PFAS risk.

Highlights of this webinar:

  • Several states have taken different and unique approaches to regulate and identify PFAS sources to stormwater and wastewater
  • Facilities are being required to address PFAS discharges in stormwater and wastewater rapidly
  • Several case studies will provide insight for how facilities are responding to these regulatory drivers
  • An update on the use of PlumeStop to eliminate risk on PFAS sites globally

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