In this webinar we were pleased to have special guest speaker Joel Parker, Principal Engineer at Hamp Mathews & Associates. His presentation discussed reducing long-term risk for chlorinated solvent contaminated sites including dry cleaning and industrial manufacturing sites. He was joined by Ryan Moore, Senior Technical Manager at REGENESIS.

Highlights of this free webinar:

  • A former dry cleaner site represented a vapor intrusion (VI) risk to nearby residents in Temperance, Michigan
  • Sulfidated ZVI, electron donor and colloidal activated carbon were implemented in source areas and in barrier-type configurations at mid-plume and distal plume locations
  • Groundwater monitoring at source and receptor flowpaths have demonstrated significant reduction in PCE, TCE, and cis-1,2-DCE without accumulation of vinyl chloride
  • Results achieved and the field application/approaches will be presented, and remedial injectant and implementation logistics will be discussed

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