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Technology-Based Solutions for the Environment
  • Vapor intrusion webinar

    Upcoming Vapor Intrusion Webinar

    Don't miss the next webinar from Land Science, in which vapor intrusion expert, Dr. Blayne Hartman joins us to discuss regulatory updates Dec 13th at 11am pacific/2pm eastern.
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  • REGENESIS case study Antea Group

    Rapid Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons at Las Vegas Service Station

    REGENESIS® partnered with Antea® Group, a leading environmental firm, to successfully remediate high levels of BTEX, TPHg, and TPHd in the soil and groundwater. Significant cost savings and successful results were achieved despite the challenging geological conditions.
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  • REGENESIS remediation PCE

    Phased Remediation of PCE at an Active Manufacturing Facility in Sweden

    This video shows how AECOM and REGENESIS used a staged approach incorporating a number of technologies in order to avoid disruption to an active chemical handling facility in Sweden, while providing a site-wide remediation solution to the PCE contamination below the site.
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  • REGENESIS customer testimonial

    REGENESIS Customer Testimonials

    “REGENESIS has done a lot to help me succeed over the last 20 years. They provide exceptional technical service from start to finish of a project, as opposed to just being a vendor of chemicals.”

    – Steven P. Sittler, Senior Project Geologist, Patriot Engineering and Environmental, Inc.
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  • PlumeStop remediation in Belgium

    PlumeStop Remediation in Belgium

    REGENESIS is applying PlumeStop® Liquid Activated Carbon™ to remediate chlorinated solvents at a former manufacturing facility in Belgium. Watch the video to find out how a PlumeStop barrier is being designed to prevent contamination from reaching a nearby stream.
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  • PlumeStop and PFOA PFOS remediation

    Video - Containment of PFOA and PFOS Using PlumeStop® Liquid Activated Carbon™

    In this video, REGENESIS Manager of Research and Development, Kristen Thoreson, discusses the US EPA’s current stringent environmental standards for PFOA and PFOS, as well as a remediation technology developed by REGENESIS that is useful for plume containment, PlumeStop Liquid Activated Carbon.
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  • ERD at dry cleaning site

    Enhanced Reduced Dechlorination Showing Positive Returns

    Environmental Engineering and Consulting Firm, EnviroForensics has chosen remediation technologies from REGENESIS to treat PCE and daughter products at a dry cleaner site. The goal of the ERD approach is to reach site closure quickly, and reduce the costs and health risks of this contamination.
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  • Testimonial for Regenesis technologies from WSP

    REGENESIS Customer Testimonials

    "REGENESIS offers some great products that make a visible difference to contaminated sites that we've worked on."

    - Jay Rao, Senior Environmental Engineer, WSP
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