In this webinar we were pleased to have a special presentation from three leading technical experts in the remediation industry – John Freim PhD, Ryan Moore CHMM, and Andrew Kavanagh of REGENESIS. This panel discussed using a synergistic mixture of colloidal sulfidated ZVI and activated carbon to promote the enhanced performance of in-situ reactive barriers.

Highlights of this free webinar:

  • How reactive barriers that incorporate a mixture of activated carbon and SZVI provide a synergistic combination of both sorption and degradation
  • Models that predict the performance of activated carbon barriers with and without SZVI and organic bioremediation amendments
  • Case study of a remediation program using a sub-surface barrier containing a mixture of REGNESIS’ PlumeStop colloidal activated carbon, S-MicroZVI colloidal sulfidated iron, and HRC-X bioremediation amendments

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