In this webinar we were pleased to have a special presentation by Jack Sheldon, Senior Remediation Specialist at Antea Group. His presentation discussed validating the role of PetroFix® technology for the remediation practitioner’s toolbox. He was joined by Todd Herrington, Global PetroFix Product Manager at REGENESIS.

Case studies featured in this webinar include:

  • An excavation/ PetroFix combination that led to site closure at a convenience store in the Upper Midwest.
  • A small PetroFix injection grid that polished a site to attain closure in the Pacific Northwest.
  • A complex site in the Southeast with numerous groundwater constituents where remediation has been ongoing for more than two decades where PetroFix is now advancing the remediation effort.
  • A low concentration BTEX site where a PetroFix injection grid polished a site in the Ohio Valley to attain closure.

The application of in-situ sorption technologies for the remediation of organic contaminants in groundwater has become an important addition to the many remediation options available for site cleanup. A variety of commercial products are available and most incorporate electron acceptors or other amendments to bind contaminants while stimulating biodegradation processes. The PetroFix dual functioning carbon solution technology has established its own unique place in injection grids, barriers, and as an excavation amendment for polishing petroleum hydrocarbon sites. The technology is convenient to apply, has an ideal particle size to maximize sorption, and has an electron acceptor package that optimizes biodegradation.

This webinar will highlight the important role of the nitrate/sulfate electron acceptor package plays in the performance of the PetroFix technology. Four case studies will also be presented that look at application techniques, site chemistry changes, microbial profiles, and lessons learned.

Webinar recording available