First broadcast: December 11, 2018

Speakers: Jack Sheldon, Senior Remediation Specialist at Antea Group

In this webinar we are pleased to have guest speaker Jack Sheldon, Senior Remediation Specialist at Antea Group. His presentation discusses using a Select/Design/Execute project checklist to apply remediation products safely and effectively. Data collection, adherence to details, and good field awareness are key themes stressed throughout the webinar. Using an actual remediation site previously supported by REGENESIS, an example checklist is used to demonstrate how to:

  • Select a REGENESIS remediation product through a series of key criteria evaluations focused on remedial goals and site characteristics
  • Design a remedial approach with the selected product screened using various criteria focused on site technical and logistical information
  • Execute the field application of the design, screening from a logistical and health and safety standpoint

About the presenter:

Jack Sheldon
Senior Remediation Specialist, Antea Group

Jack Sheldon is a remediation expert with over 36 years of industry experience. He has specialised in the field application of various types of bioremediation and chemical oxidation/reduction systems. He has had personal involvement in 22 first-type remediation projects in the US, and international experience including dozens of remediation projects across Europe.

Mr. Sheldon has worked extensively in the field to determine chemical type and extent, prepared various environmental reports, and successfully managed numerous environmental projects and technology programs. His primary expertise has been in the identification and selection of remediation technologies for projects and the monitoring of those technologies. Through this process, Mr. Sheldon has designed, implemented, and supervised hundreds of treatability and pilot studies comparing technologies and determining their feasibility under simulated or actual site conditions.

View the webinar recording and download the ‘in situ remediation project checklist’