‘Brownfield Redevelopment Project of the Year’ for Harper Road

REGENESIS is proud to have played a part in this award-winning project, supporting Cundall and Alto Construct with a detailed remedial design for the innovative treatment of petroleum hydrocarbons. Cundall, the multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy leading the project, collected the award for Brownfield Redevelopment Project of the Year at the Ground Engineering Awards 2020, on 4th November in an online ceremony.

Harper Road is a redevelopment site and one of the first projects in the UK where our innovative technology PetroFix has been installed in the form of an in situ ‘liquid barrier’. The barrier formed part of an integrated remedial strategy to treat hydrocarbon concentrations in the groundwater and eliminate the risk of plume migration.

Previous industrial site use had caused environmental challenges in the form of significant hydrocarbon and asbestos contamination both in soils, and in the case of hydrocarbons, the groundwater as well. This had rendered the site not ‘suitable for use’ in the context of the proposed development. In order for development to be allowed to proceed, a programme of remediation works was required to mitigate the identified risks. Working alongside Alto Construct and Wordsworth Construction Management, and with input from REGENESIS, Cundall devised a solution which enabled the construction work to continue. Alternative and advanced remediation methods were explored as a team. The resulting groundwater remediation solution was paramount to the success of the project.

The judges acknowledged: “Through the implementation of alternative remediation measures in the form of a liquid curtain wall, the submission demonstrated collaborative working, regulatory compliance, reduced programme and significantly reduced quantities of soil sent to landfill, ultimately minimising environment impact. Everything was completed on budget and two weeks ahead of schedule which was very impressive. It was an alternative and innovative method.”

Kevin McGee, Associate Director and project lead at Cundall said: “this is a fantastic example of how with early collaboration and open-minds our industry can continue to develop, and make a real difference in reducing our environmental impact. We were thrilled that Alto Construct and Wordsworth Construction Management were forward thinking with us and were equally ready to embrace new technology and methods to deliver this project as effectively as we did”.