PFAS case study

10m 46s reading time

This case study reviews the first known full-scale in situ PFAS treatment worldwide completed in 2016 at a manufacturing and former firefighting training site in Ontario, Canada, where aqueous film-forming foams (AFFF) were used.

A single application of PlumeStop resulted in a significant reduction of contaminant concentrations to below standards for 8+ years since the injection.

Case Study Highlights

  • PlumeStop application reduces PFAS to non-detect within 3 months, maintaining for seven years thus far
  • Remediation company IRSL collects critical treatment zone information to ensure successful application
  • Sampling confirms PlumeStop fully distributed through the treatment zone
  • Third-party modeling indicates that PlumeStop will halt PFAS migration out of the treatment zone for more than 60 years