Article: Cost-Effective PFAS Treatment

This article published in State Aviation Journal discusses cost-effective PFAS treatment to reduce risk at airport sites. Remediating PFAS using an Enhanced MNA approach at airports will require demonstrating minimal exposure to these chemicals now or in the future through groundwater plume monitoring. Enhanced MNA can be a practical and cost-effective remedial path toward site closure.

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Technical Article

This technical paper written by REGENESIS President & CEO Scott Wilson published on LinkedIn discusses the future of PFAS groundwater remediation: enhanced natural attenuation. If history is any guide, the threat of “Forever Chemicals” (PFAS) spreading from industrial facilities, airports, and military bases will largely be remedied by allowing natural processes to take their course. With the enormous cost of operating inefficient pump and treat systems and the attendant generation of hazardous waste, there is every reason to believe that natural attenuation will become the “go-to” remediation strategy for this suite of contaminants as well. Read the full article on LinkedIn below.

Client Spotlight: Kristen Freiburger, Associate and Environmental Chemist at Shannon & Wilson

For Kristen Freiburger, living and working in Alaska serves as a constant reminder about the importance of her work, and the impact it can have on the state’s natural resources. Kristen begins, “I enjoy helping to locate and remove contaminants from drinking water wells and educating the public on the contaminants we are addressing. It’s extremely rewarding when you improve and close out a site.” In her current role as Associate and Environmental Chemist for Shannon & Wilson, Inc., a geotechnical and environmental engineering firm and valued REGENESIS® client, she serves as project manager for several large, high profile, public-relations based environmental projects, where private drinking-water wells have been impacted.

In-Situ PFAS Remediation at Airports 

In this webinar we were pleased to have as a special guest speaker Kristen Freiburger, Associate at Shannon & Wilson. Her presentation discussed PFAS remediation at Fairbanks International Airport, including a discussion of fate and transport of PFAS and the use of PlumeStop colloidal activated carbon. She was joined by Maureen Dooley, Vice President – Industrial Sector at REGENESIS, who discussed remediation solutions for petroleum hydrocarbons and PFAS at airport sites. The full recording is now available.

The Challenge of Remediating PFAS in Groundwater, and How to Overcome It

This article published in Water Quality Products discusses the challenges of remediating PFAS in groundwater, and approaches to overcome it. Identifying the sources of PFAS-impacted groundwater and remediating these sources is critical to maintaining safe drinking water. PFAS’s non-degrading, bioaccumulating nature has led to establishing some of the lowest cleanup levels of any groundwater contaminants — less than 10 parts per trillion in some cases — equivalent to one-half-drop in an Olympic pool. Removing the risk of a potential receptor’s PFAS exposure is the goal of all PFAS remediation.

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