Paul Erickson REGENESISWhen Paul Erickson transitioned from his former role as a Senior Scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich) to his current position as Research Scientist with REGENESIS®, he knew immediately his move would enable him to apply his accomplished academic and scientific background to real-world solutions.  “I had already started exploring my next career move when I heard about this opportunity,” explains Erickson. “I had first started looking for opportunities in Switzerland, and then beyond. When I became aware of the opening with REGENESIS, I was immediately interested.  My new position allows me to combine my prior expertise, with what I was hoping to do in the next phase of my career- identify and develop new environmental solutions.”  With an accomplished background in environmental chemistry, Erickson’s move to REGENESIS was, in his words, “a natural choice,” and he is excited about immersing himself in his work and collaborating with the various REGENESIS departments, particularly with remediation services, sales and marketing.

Putting Academic Training into Practice

Erickson became aware of the REGENESIS opening through a contact he shares with Kristen Thoreson PhD, Director of Research and Development at REGENESIS.  He continues, “Our mutual academic advisor alerted me to the position. I contacted Kristen, whom I had worked with about eight years ago at the University of Minnesota.” Erickson continues, “What attracted me most was the chance to put my academic training into daily practice.”

In his new role with REGENESIS, Erickson will have a chance to see his efforts through to commercialization, and the results will likely provide confirmation for his earlier motivation in pursuing a career in environmental sciences.  “When I embarked on my career, I wanted to combine my love for both chemistry and the outdoors”, he says. In addition, he will bring a fresh, and at times, creative approach to many projects. Shares Erickson, “I’m coming on board to both help with the current workload and to offer a new perspective into some of the projects being worked on.”

Solving Soil and Groundwater Remediation Challenges

In addition to his experience at ETH Zurich, where he oversaw one of the user labs within his research group, Erickson holds a BS degree in Chemistry from Florida State University, a Masters in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota, and a PhD in Environmental Chemistry from ETH Zurich. Shares Erickson, “I think my strong background in Environmental Chemistry, from both my university studies and professional training, will help me quickly contribute to REGENESIS’ products.  I’m looking forward to applying my scientific experience to some of the more complex environmental challenges facing our clients.” He continues, “My detailed approach to chemistry and the environment will assist me in identifying and developing new directions we can take as a company. Additionally, my training outside the US prepares me for working with people from many different cultural backgrounds.” Erickson looks forward to acclimating to the soil and groundwater niche where REGENESIS is considered an industry-leader, especially in the areas of how sites are profiled prior to remediation, and the various regulatory aspects involved.

Married and with three young children, Erickson will be working in the San Clemente, CA corporate office. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing, skiing, and hiking, as well as bike touring with the family. “In Switzerland we did a lot of bike touring as a family”, he shares. “This entailed packing all of our camping gear. It’s a family activity we thoroughly enjoy and it gives us an even greater appreciation for our environment. I know I’ll also have to try surfing eventually, since I enjoy swimming.”  When asked what he likes most about his profession, Erickson points to the opportunity to use his scientific background in helping to preserve our planet. “Using my scientific training to make the world a better place is extremely gratifying,” he says.  “I feel fortunate as a contributor to improving the environment and having an impact on public health.”

REGENESIS is proud to welcome Paul Erickson, Research Scientist, to its team and looks forward to his future contributions in environmental science as the company continues to provide successful remediation outcomes for its clients.