Case study highlights:

  • PetroFix has been successfully used in over 600 sites across 15 countries worldwide, demonstrating its effectiveness in treating petroleum hydrocarbon contamination on a global scale.
  • In a commercial redevelopment site in the UK, PetroFix was applied to treat diesel range TPH contamination, allowing for the installation of geothermal boreholes for climate control in a new development while minimizing disruption and ensuring a safe and rapid treatment process.
  • PetroFix has been applied in various site types, including fuel depots, industrial tank farms, petroleum retail stations, and oil spill sites, showcasing its versatility and compatibility with different geologies and contamination levels.

This document provides an overview of our Petrofix® project experience across Europe and the UK. PetroFix offers a cost-effective, in situ treatment for petroleum hydrocarbon contamination. It has been used at more than 600 sites to date, across 15 countries worldwide. Applications listed include different project types, such as petrol filling stations, rail depots, active industrial manufacturing facilities, brownfield and oil spill sites, in varying geologies and contaminant concentrations.