In this webinar we were pleased to have a special presentation from Paul Erickson, PhD, Director of Research & Development at REGENESIS, and Craig Sandefur, Vice President of Remedial Applications Development at REGENESIS. Their presentation discussed groundwater and contaminant mass flux and a modern approach to measuring, reporting and designing with mass flux data.

This free webinar will:

    • Flux Tracer™ a flux measurement tool developed by REGENESIS that is easier to deploy and retrieve than alternative methods of collecting groundwater and contaminant mass flux data
    • Why the data collected by direct mass flux measurements is far superior to traditional means of estimation (groundwater extraction or slug tests)
    • Examples of REGENESIS Flux Tracer reports and discuss how mass flux data and are integrated into our treatment design process

Permeable Reactive Barriers are standard approach for the remediation of large elongate plumes however, PRB’s are particularly sensitive to mass flux. This makes technologies that can directly measure mass flux very valuable. Historically Remediation Practitioners have relied on Water Resource methods (GW Extraction Tests and/or Slug Tests) to measure design critical PRB aquifer characteristics. Unfortunately, these measurement methods generally provide results in terms of aquifer bulk averages and do identify or measure those contaminant mass flux zones that control contaminant migration. Results of Mass Flux provide a direct measurement and quantification of contaminant concentration measure in milligrams per liter passing through the surface area of an imaginary plane of compliance measured in meters2 for a set period of time measured in days. These three variables are exactly what is necessary to design an effective and successful PRB.

REGENESIS has developed a flux measurement tool that has a better form factor (Flux Tracer). This device has significant improvements in the areas of ease of use and reductions in time for field installation and retrieval. This Webinar will discuss the above topics as well as provide examples of REGENESIS Flux Tracer Reports and a brief discussion of the Data (Interpretation/Observations). In addition how REGENESIS designers use Flux Tracer and other mass flux data as direct PRB design inputs.

Recording now available