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PlumeStop and the In Situ Containment of PFAS

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Video Transcript

Dane: Hello and welcome everyone. My name is Dane Menke. I am the digital marketing manager here at Regenesis and Land Science. Before we start with the webinar today, I have just a couple of administrative items to cover.

Since we’re trying to limit our time to under an hour, today’s presentation will be conducted with audience audio settings on mute. This will minimize unwanted background noise from the large number of participants joining us today. If you have a question, we encourage you to ask it using the question feature located on the webinar panel. We will collect your questions and do our best to answer them at the end of the presentation. If we do not address your question, we’ll make an effort to follow up with you after the webinar. We are recording this webinar and a link to the recording will be emailed to you once it is available. In order to continue to sponsor events that are of value and worthy of your time, we will be sending out a brief survey following the webinar to get your feedback. Today’s webinar will focus on PlumeStop liquid activated carbon with a technology overview on in situ Containment of Perfluorinated Chemicals. To give us insight into this topic, we are pleased to have with us today Regenesis manager of research and development Doctor Kristen Thoreson. Doctor Thoreson is the lean inventor of PlumeStop liquid activated carbon. She heads the chemical research and product development program at Regenesis. Her team is focused on developing advanced technologies for the treatment of recalcitrant compounds in mixed environmental media.

All right, that concludes our introduction so now I will hand things over to Kristen to get us started.

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