• Designed for use in conjunction with physical and/or mechanical enhanced recovery systems
  • Unique product chemistry proven highly effective on petroleum hydrocarbon contamination
  • Powerful oxidation reactions equal to that of standard RegenOx oxidize more readily available hydrocarbons
  • A two part integrated system comprised of standard RegenOx Part A and PetroCleanze
  • The PetroCleanze component stays in-place providing an activation site for multiple applications if and when required.
  • Engineered chemistry does not add surfactants but creates them aiding in enhanced hydrocarbon removal
  • Avoids problematic carbon loading associated with the use of standard surfactant based technologies
  • As part of an integrated site remediation approach PetroCleanze reduces mass flux to facilitate risk-based and MNA site closures


Spec Sheet

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Effective Treatment of Free Product

9 Reasons to Consider In Situ Chemical Oxidation

How it Works

PetroCleanze is a customized formulation of the widely used RegenOx in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) technology. This two-part reagent contains purposefully enhanced, detergent-like properties which significantly increase the desorption rates of hydrocarbons bound in saturated soils. Once the hydrocarbons are liberated into the dissolved-phase, they are more readily available for removal using a range of enhanced recovery techniques. PetroCleanze is designed to increase the viability and efficiency of enhanced recovery techniques such as dual-phase extraction, vacuum enhanced extraction and pump and treat systems.

Based on site conditions, the PetroCleanze driven enhanced desorption process makes it possible to clean up heavily impacted sites faster and more cost-effectively than through traditional mechanical means or stand-alone ISCO approaches.

Achieve Significant Mass Removal

In cases where significant contaminant mass removal is required, multiple injections of PetroCleanze followed by multiple contaminant extraction events is advised.

PetroCleanze also incorporates chemically engineered technology that avoids the addition of problematic carbon loading associated with standard surfactant-based technologies. Instead, PetroCleanze creates surfactants in place thereby enhancing the hydrocarbon removal process.

Target Contaminants:

Petroleum Hydrocarbons

  • Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylenes (BTEX)
  • Gasoline Range Organics (GRO) (C6-C10-12)
  • Diesel Range Organics (DRO) (C8-12-C24-26)
  • Oil Range Organics (ORO) (C22-32)
  • Creosote (coal tar)
  • Methyl-Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE)
  • Tert-Butyl Alcohol (TBA)
  • cis-1,2 Dichloroethene (DCE)
  • Vinyl chloride (VC)

For a complete listing of treatable contaminants please visit our Range of Treatable Contaminants Page.

Typical Soil and Groundwater Remediation Application Methods:


  • Permanent injection/extraction wells
  • Direct-push injection points

Enhanced recovery techniques:

  • Dual-phase extraction
  • Multi-phase extraction
  • Vacuum enhanced extraction
  • Pump and treat systems

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