RegenOx is a two-part chemical oxidant (a liquid and a solid) that destroy’s contaminants by means of robust chemical reactions, therefore distribution of RegenOx within the soil/groundwater matrix and contact with contaminants are of paramount importance.

RegenOx is delivered to the subsurface using two primary methods, direct-injection and fixed-delivery wells. Direct-injection is typically the optimal approach for shallow soils to ensure thorough distribution across heterogeneous soils. The relative cost of direct-injection allows for closer spacing than can be achieved with the use of permanent wells. Permanent or temporary injection wells can also be used and may be a suitable delivery method where multiple injections and higher volumes are required. RegenOx can also be used in excavation applications, soil mixing projects, bio-piles and trench configurations.

It is important to recognize that most applications of chemical oxidation including those using RegenOx® will require subsequent re-application, therefore it is prudent to keep this in mind when planning and configuring your injection scheme. Re-applications are necessary due to the fact that as the concentration of contaminant in groundwater decreases (or is chemically oxidized), the equilibrium between the aqueous phase and the sorbed-phase (or free-phase) will change, resulting in an increase in the rate of desorption of contaminant. As the oxidant is consumed and soil organics are oxidized, the concentration of contaminant in the aqueous phase can increase. Monitoring of the site after injection often shows an increase in the concentration of contaminant in the groundwater samples; however, if soil samples are also collected, they should show a corresponding decrease in mass of contaminant.

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icon-pdf RegenOx Direct-Push Injection Instructions (Step-by-Step Procedures)
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